Common Program Used To Coding / Web Building

Hello, Iam mrctrl.
Lately i’ve been learning in Codecademy and found myself more convident to say “I Can Do Coding”. But here i got a question to ask, perhaps someone or all member can to help me.

“If i ask yo to build a website, what program/application would you use to code it?”

Quick reply will be so much appreciated.
Last, im sorry if my topic is out of the bowl, im new here :slight_smile:


for front-end, html and css are the only option. Html structures a webpage, css styles it

then we have JavaScript to make our page more interactive, and Jquery (which is a JS library) to manipulate the DOM easier.

for back-end (server), we have so many options:

Ruby (on rails)
python (Django, Flask)

i am sure i forget a few