Common email, password and Login issues

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Sometimes it takes a few minutes to receive the password reset email. I would try to enter in your email once more, in case you entered it in wrong the first time.

Did you use a verified account, such as your email, facebook or other social media channel?

Did you try to login by clicking login with google under the login button? If you logged in with a verified account, see below:

See below some of the most common login issues:

  • Using the wrong email or misspelling your email. This can also prevent the password reset from getting to you.

  • Your email may have sent our password reset email to the spam folder.

  • Not using a verified account: please login with a verified account, such as your email, facebook or other social media channel. This helps with security and ease of logging in. You also may have used a verified account the first time, not your email or vise versa.

  • Some people have also experienced log in issues because they are actually clicking “Sign Up” instead of “Log In”, or vise versa. Just check to make sure you are on the correct page.

  • If you logged in/created your account in a certain language, such as English, that you are logging into an English page again. Users have had issues when, for example, their original login was made in Portuguese-br website and they were trying login into English version.

  • “Email address is already in use” is a common error when you are trying to login with an existing email account in the “sign up” area on accident. Or, you are trying to “sign up” with an email that is already taken.

-“Email Invalid” means that the email you are entering is not formatted correctly. What that usually means is it’s not a full email. i.e. a correct email format is “[email protected]” and you may have only entered something@ and forgot the

-Using the incorrect username, or misspelling your username.

Thank you, and Happy Learning!