Committing myself by saying hi!

Hi! I finished a bootcamp about a month ago and I really liked it. However, since the bootcamp ended I struggle with keeping a code routine when just sitting on my own. Therefore, I figure I’ll commit myself by saying hi here so here it comes:

Hello! Happy to join :slight_smile: !


That’s awesome, welcome! Wish you the best of luck in your 30-day journey. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! Day 4 now ! :slight_smile:

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Good luck on the 30 day challenge, they are a bit tricky!

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Thanks! Day 7 now, really like this format it is the first time I manage 7 days of coding in a row since the bootcamp!

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Was the bootcamp the first time you wrote code? How’s everything going here so far?

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Hi! No I did a little bit of coding before on freecodecamp and some youtube and udemy. At the time it felt huge but in retrospect it was basically just using some html elements on a localhost.

I loved the bootcamp but I am very much a habit and team person and since graduating in mid november I struggled a lot with keeping the habit of coding.

However now today I completed day 10 which is the first time since boot camp of more than five days in a row.

How much coding have you done? Are you considering a bootcamp ?

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I’ve been coding since march this year everyday between 4-10 hours. I always feel a bit like a newbie, but I’ve completed Data Science path and I’m half way through back-end. I don’t think I can afford a bootcamp right now, so I’ve been looking for ways to join forces with fellow codecademers :smiley: mostly through codecademy`s chapters and figuring how to communicate with coders through forums. I really enjoy doing small projects as well, on my job I just got an opportunity to rebuild our website, which was quite surprising to everyone.

You mentioned graduating! Do you mean from the bootcamp? What’s your major?


Haha wow, that’s really good! Really, really good! I think for sure you are ready for a coding job!

I did a fullstack bootcamp in react and ruby on rails.

I think a bootcamp is good for getting started or indeed advance a bit further but the best part is really the social aspect and also that you’re helped to navigate a bit in terms of what is important to learn and most of all getting to know others that are on the same journey.

However, if you have come that far on your own then I think you actually don’t need it. A friend a few years back did like you but completely on his own not through codeacademy, and he managed to land a full-time job after three months. Not the most fancy but a very real job, so it is definitely possible. :slight_smile:

What languages are you doing?

If you want we can connect through skype or something if you would like to build some small thing together or just keep in touch.

Thanks! Hearing that I’m “work ready” is really nice!
I began with C#, had to do some stuff on Unity so I can manage it.
After that I began the old web dev path and finished it, so Javascript, HTML, CSS. Now I’m sticking to backend since I enjoyed it more.
But what really got me interested was Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. So I’m always going from one language to another. It has been an incredible achievement, but right now I feel like anyone could get to where I am right now by studying two weeks. It’s a really weird feeling.

I’ll PM you! Do you have discord? I don’t really use skype anymore…

Day 17 now and on a roll :slight_smile:


Good Luck johnnybravoo! :slight_smile: Where are u from?

Good idea. Welcome to the community!

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Hi! I am from Sweden, what about you?

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Thank you! I look forward to take part!

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To give an update: on day 25 I missed so I managed 29 / 30. Started a new challenge three days ago so let’s see how it goes. :slight_smile:


That’s amazing. You did well, congrats!!

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I am from Poland and I am very new to programming. I am doing my best to visit this site every day and learning new things. I really like that :slight_smile:

Good luck with your challenge!

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Hi guys!
I’m Matteo, almost 18 years old and I just started the freecodecamp about C++ :crazy_face:
Really I’m studying loops (while and for) right now and idk why but I feel really motivated! Also I bought an Arduino kit to try to create some nice projects with my new coding skills :smiley:

How you doing?

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