Comment to the person above you about some characteristic you like about them


hey everyone! here is something I haven't seen yet! comment to the person above about some characteristic you like about them. :grin:


I like your name, it's very unique.


@jibblyj unusual username


@zainabrawat you are very helpful! :blush:


:blush: thank you :blush:


@destin5465 I admire that you are home schooled


@destin5465 I like these non-code related fun sort of posts you put up.
Programming is fun, but focusing on other stuff and just having fun is good too :slightly_smiling:


i like how ionatan answered my question. hist whole comment consisted of a closed parentheses. XD XD XD :joy:


@zainabrawat thank you :blush:


you look like a very kind person (assuming that's you in profile pic ) :blush:


I love dubstep, and you do to, as your picture suggests.


I like your sassy replies you give to people every know and again when the answers right in front of them but they still ask for help.
and also
You watch Tokyo ghoul, which I can tell from your pp. Sadly the 2nd season (root a) wasn't too great in my opinion.


I like people who like to learn. I also like people who are respectful of one another. That is why I joined this community. It is the only site that I have found that usually discourages the usual superiority complex that is prevalent among many other "tech" based sites. The day this changes I will no longer be a member. Till then we must maintain this positive environment. Respect and knowledge go hand in hand.


I like how u have a 'z' in ur name. THAT IS SO COOL. Don't do drugs kids, stay safe:). If u see something say something. Over and out. THERE HE IS!!!!!


i like how your so enthusiastic! :relaxed:


I like how much effort you put into coding