Comment =begin bugs


I'm on 16th section

and these are my codes :

# this is single line comment

this is a multi line 
of comments section
and will be ignored 

the instruction ask me to create single line comments, and multi line comments
but it won't let me pass, the error shows : > Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't include =begin. Make sure there's no space between the equals sign and the word begin!


Hi Ida,

It's tricky - you can't have a space after =begin :)
Thanks for formatting your code properly!


How did you overcome this? I am having the same problem.


Hi @lily_thornton,

If my post above didn't help you, please:

  1. Create a new forum topic, with your code in it
  2. Reply to this and @mention me: @zystvan so I can help you over there

When you post your code, it's very important that you format it properly. You can do that by wrapping it in three backticks (`, located just above the Tab key on your keyboard) and a new line before and after, like so:

code here! 


Ok thanks, i've created a new topic with my code in it.