Command results in "No such file or directory" can't proceed


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bash: cd: …/…comedy: No such file or directory

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check your command carefully

Oops yes, re-typed. Still same issue.
See screenshot.

If you get that error message then first of all you should check the directory where you are now.(command pwd)

now consider should it work?

Am I in the wrong directory? Please see attached.
Which directory should I be in, and what’s the exact command to get to the proper directory?

you are in movies so now if you command like

cd ../

then you’ll go to workspace (parent directory).
and if you command like

cd ../../

then you’ll go to ccuser(parent directory/parent directory).now here you are trying to search comedy directory.

see you file tree structure

you can be’s not the problem.but your command should be according to your position.
so you are in movies and you want to go to comedy.then simply your command should be

cd comedy

suppose you are in drama and now you want to go to comedy.then your command should be

cd ../comedy

First you have to go to parent directory that is movies and then you can go to comedy.

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