Command prompt won't read my .py files

I recently installed python and miniconda in strict accordance with the guide: Installing Python 3 and Python Packages | Codecademy
But Command prompt simply won’t read my .py files - whatever the code inside, the output is the same: “python”
Also, when I demad the terminal type my python version, a sepsrate window opens offering me to download some windows python simulator.
Please help :pray:

If you’re using conda try using the conda command prompt (probably under Start → Anaconda → miniconda prompt or something very similar). By default conda stays off your PATH so you can’t just call python in a standard command window (you’d need the full path to the .exe). The conda prompt just initialises all the bits and pieces for you and is generally a much nicer way of working.

If you installed Python separately it still seems like PATH is a bit funny (the standalone does add to your PATH unless you state otherwise). If you’re using cmd you can try the command where python to see if it’s actually linked to the correct executable. If it’s not linked then you might need to read up on the PATH variable and consider adding it but you’ll need to do a bit of research for this.

For the easiest option I’d suggest the conda prompt just to save yourself the trouble.