Command Line

I am completely lost when it comes to ’ Open artists/hiphop.txt with nano

Every time the page is refreshed, I lost everything that I’ve been working on. It’s getting more confusing since I have no clue about how to open the ‘artists/hiphop.txt’ with nano. Can I please get some help?
Thank you in advance.

This is an issue that I also noticed the other day. It’s really frustrating to lose the commands one has written and have to start over. I would suggest reporting it as a bug via the link in the lesson: Get Unstuck > Bugs

That said, what did you type? Were you able to open the file?

$ pwd # not necessary, but I wanted to see the current working directory
$ ls # list the files in the current dir.
artists #a directory that is contained in the music directory

$ nano artists/hiphop.txt #this command opens the text editor, nano and the file in the artists directory.

the file system is like a tree–with “parent” folders/directories and “children”- other directories/folders or files that are contained in the parent folders.



$ ls
$ cd artists
$ ls
folk.txt  hiphop.txt  jazz.txt  rock.txt
$ pwd
$ cd ../
$ pwd

I am sorry for replying late.
Thank you very much, but I figured it out by myself.

I really appreciate it.

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