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Hey Everyone,

The idiots at codecademy want me to use a command line tool to complete the Python course. Despite this website being for new programmers who don’t know much about computers or programming… like me… they now assume I’m a computer expert who knows about command lines.

Where do I get the software? How do I set it up? What do I do?


Snake Plissken

The command line is built into all operating systems and functions slightly differently on each, though they all do roughly similar things.

Codecademy teaches the Linux command line which MacOS shares a lot (if not all) in common with.

Windows’ version is Command Prompt and this has commands that do the same thing. A Linux-like alternative for Windows that I use is called CygWin and can be downloaded here. CygWin uses the commands you’re learning on Codecademy, while the Command Prompt does not. MacOS and Linux’s command lines do.

Thank you for your assistance. That makes sense now.

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