Command line

how to see my filesystem tree in my current lesson?

See? See how? What do you consider the root? / ? /home/ccuser/ ?

You could use ls recursively:

ls -R

There’s also a utility called tree which produces output that’s easier to read. That’s probably not installed by default though, and it takes a bit of know-how to install it (thus making ls -R a more suitable solution)


I wanna see a tree like this. Thank you.

I expect someone fired up photoshop or something to draw those in order to show how directories and files relate to each other, to show that it’s the same thing as what you’re used to seeing when you run explorer.exe or finder

The command line is a text interface - doesn’t display images

If the purpose is to visualise, then you’d leave the command line and open up a file explorer, or perhaps you would run a graph drawing program to generate an image
If the purpose is to get a rough idea of what’s in a directory, then you’d use tools like ls, tree, du
If the purpose is to find something, then you’d use something like find or grep

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