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This is just a general question. As I’m learning to setup my command line, say to create directories and files for a website build, do you have any suggestions of how to “visualize” the tree system before typing it all in? I almost feel like I need to draw it out on paper before I actually build the treesystem into the command line. Do any of you have any tips or tricks to keep track of where everything goes? Maybe this will get easier as I practice? Perhaps it will also be easier once I know EXACTLY what I’ll be putting into my website build?

Thanks in advance and happy coding!!

I think drawing it out and making a visualization of it is a good idea. It won’t seem so abstract then. I mean, that’s how I would do it. Maybe also take notes (using Notepad or a basic .txt file, or handwritten) for how you’ve organized everything too.

@ lisalisaj

Thank you so much for your input! Will it always feel a bit daunting or will the system get easier? Just trying to understand if the visual “tree” will eventually just form in my head?

Thank you again!!

Do you mean will the command line always be daunting? I think it starts out that way but like learning anything new it gets more understandable with practice. It can seem scary b/c there’s no GUI and one thinks they’ll blow up their computer (lol). Are you on a Mac or Windows?
Like a webpage, it’s easier to think of it as a tree—with parent folders, children and siblings. Parents at the top of the tree, then children and siblings and navigating around that way. And then you’re issuing commands on what you want the computer to do.
I still get stuck with some things but there’s so much out there on Unix commands, plus there’s youtube.




Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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