Command Line PSI "echo $HOME"


So, I am on PS1 in Command Line. It says to put echo $HOME and that is exactly how I put it where it said to put it. It said put it on the command line so I tried putting it in nano and out of nano and both ways I have not been able to progress. Is there so issue with this? When I put that code it replies with /home/ccuser which I kind of doubt it the right reply and it will not say I have completed this part of the session. I am using a Chromebook to do this. Is there a bug or am I just putting it wrong or whats up?


nano is not the command line, it is a text editor. So now you know not to do that bit :slightly_smiling:

That is absolutely the right reply! That is your home directory in this course.

So you are doing things right, you just have to get the code check to pay attention.

It may be confused now with everything that you've tried. You can try resetting the exercise and trying again. You will find that option under the "Get Help" button.