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How do I change directories so that my two directories are above my current directory?

Please help!

Say you are in the directory ‘biopic’ which is in the ‘drama’ directory, which is in the ‘movies’ directory. To change the directory pointer to ‘movies’,

cd ../../

If we wanted to go directly into the ‘action’ directory (from ‘biopic’), also situated in the ‘movies’ directory,

cd ../../action
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Thanks but I still don’t really understand what I should write.

What directory are you currently in? Type,


to show the complete path to the present working directory.

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Ok, and the I write cd…/…/?
I’m sorry but I have an hard time understanding.

I’m in this:

To change to the ‘my-blog’ directory, type and Enter,

cd ../../
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pls someone help me I don’t understand what I shoud write if I want to change directories!:disappointed_relieved:

nevermind I found the problem it works, thank you very much

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