Command line offline project

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Hello everyone, please I need some help with my off platform lingua-franca project:
codecademy forums snip( lingua-franca)
Step one says navigate to the lingua-franca folder, but I tried using the cd command with the file path “~/Downloads/” but it didn’t work. I even tried auto filling the file path by dragging and dropping the folder in the terminal but it still didnot work.
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It’s not a directory, that’s a .zip file.
Where did you save the file and its contents after you unzipped it?
What happens when you do ls in that downloads directory? is lingua-franca listed?

Did the video help?

I just right clicked and hit “extract all” in my windows file explorer. And yes lingua-franca is listed.

is lingua-franca in your downloads folder or a project folder and are you able to navigate to it to see what files are contained in it via the command prompt?

I was not able to access it before. But I just tried it and it worked! I think I did not unzip it properly.