Command Line, more course material?

I found this course really helpful to work with my vps and raspberry pi. But I think it was too short, you can do great things with bash as I understand. And some of the great things you can do is out of this lesson’s scope. I am constantly checking to see if any more lessons are added. But still no :frowning: Are there any plans to add new content to this course?

I think there are plans to add more content, just be patient. More will come. There also many alternatives courses, one course i really enjoyed was this one:

This is not only bash, but also about file structure, and everything else which really helps understanding basic linux.

Edit: this might be called advantages topic, but this is really great:

Hi Casablanca,

Since the course isn’t in preview anymore, I’m pretty sure they won’t be adding any more content to it. You may be able to get additional content if you sign up for Codecademy Pro, but I’m not sure about that.