Command Line Manipulation: Lesson -alt

Supposed to navigate to drama/biopic/

$ cd drama/biopic/ gives bash message. Please help! Is this correct?

bash cd: drama/biopic: No such file or directory

Up until now, it has told me I’m doing everything right.

You’ll have to get your whereabouts.
Maybe you moved somewhere else first, so that giving cd a relative path no longer refers to an existing location.

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And I should be able to do that with pwd, correct?

Sorry, super new over here.

I appreciate the help!

That’ll tell you where you are, but nothing about where everything else is.
You’ll need to decide what action you want to take, find out how to do that, and then do it.

For example you can:
print all files in the current directory
print all files of another directory
print all files recursively
search for a file matching a name

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just use cd …
gets you home