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I’m on the very first page of this lesson i did what it asked i typed nano hello.txt then typed “hello, i am nano” then crtl + O enter crtl + x clear. Its not loading the next step saying i did it right or wrong so i’m stuck on the first page. Is this a bug? please help if anyone see’s this thank you whoever you are you kind soul.

Got exact same problem here. Any admin that can fix this?

UPDATE: I tried doing other course, and mid way, this course works just fine.
If you are stuck here, try doing some other course, then come back here mid course.
Hope this can help.

What do you mean you did another course? I came back a day later tried doing this again, i got past the 2nd step but then had the same error on the next page with the 4th step.

it works for me
1.write “Hello,I am nano.”
2."Dont write ctrl +o " pres ctrl + o them at the same time
a window should pop up at the end of the screeen
3.Press enter
4.Press ctrl + x same time again

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