Command line interface problem


I am stuckhere
Please help



In the command line,
use source to activate the changes in the bash profile for the current session
source ~/.bash_profile


Tried that too but still the box is not checked and i cannot go forward learning the command line session.


Then open your ~/.bash_profile
and give us the contents of this file in a POST.....


I completed command line 2 days ago without any interface problem.

As you are having problem, I reset the exercise and tried again; the box was not checked at first for the step where we use 'source' to activate the changes. But, somehow it fixes for me and all the boxes are checked now.

I think I went a few lessons back and started again from creating bash profile and went forward from there.


Thanx leonhard.wettengmx.n and mashuk for the response.Yeah i went few lessons back and tried again and the box is now checked.Hope same problem doesnot occur now.