Command Line Interface for iPad

Can anyone help me to find a Command Line App for iPad Pro?
I’m new to the course and am supposed to set up a Command Line Interface for further steps. Since I use an iPad Pro (and have no computer at hand) is there any “affordable” or free solution?
Thank you.

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If this is just for learning purposes perhaps an online linux terminal or bash editor would be your simplest option. Following site has a few potential options and a web search would get your more-

Something like ish might be overkill (local emulation) and it’s quite slow for that reason but it’s by far and away the best option for ipad I’ve found-
It’s worth taking a look and considering if it fits your needs. Bear in mind that apple tends not to look too fondly at certain apps like this so it might not remain available.

Edit: Seems it’s out of beta (fairly recently) and actually available on the app store so have a look there too. I’m looking into the details at the minute and it may or may not be removed from the app store quite soon. Have a quick web search to see what the craic is.

Thank you tgrtim. It’s “in the box”! :wink: I’ll take a look and poke around a bit.

It’s also maybe noteworthy to add that to get proper terminal functionality you’d need to jailbreak the iPad (which we definitely can’t promote here). Any legal emulation would just be superficial and would be for running basic commands.

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Thank you for your message! At this early stage of coding knowledge, I wouldn’t know/want to jailbreak anything. It might just blow up in my face :exploding_head:

I have the same issue. I’m a beginner on the Data Science track, and don’t have a computer, just an iPad Pro.
Are there apps I can use for the GitHub, Jupiter , Python learning path?

Try having a web search for data science and ipad as it’s a topic that will have a few blogs/guides and multiple opinions. The ones I’m aware of that directly support Jupyter are Carents and Juno but I’ve not really used either of them. I’d highly suggest looking around for folks who have tested the available options, especially if there are app fees.

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Thank you so much for writing me back. I see that there are tons of apps, but it’s getting so confusing to find out what I should download or not :slight_smile: Plus, the AppStore reviews are so unrealistic…
Just wondering, what types of apps I should install on my iPadPro in order to progress on the Data Science Track:

  • Terminal
  • iPython
  • Jupyter
  • and something for SQL

Thanks in advance for your help, I’m a true beginner

My experience with running any data science tools via ipad is pretty limited which is why I’d highly suggest looking online for advice from a reputable source.

A reasonable option for you might be working with an online tool for Jupyter. JupyterLab, Azure notebooks and google colab (@lisalisaj’s favoured option) are some options for this, though there are quite a few others. It’s definitely worth having a look into them if you’re looking to avoid apps, or, even if you are, because they’re fairly well developed and still improving.

For working on the ipad itself-

As I mentioned I haven’t really run much on an ipad so my opinion here shouldn’t really carry much weight. Take the time and look into it properly.

For the few things I do on ipad these days I’m still using ish which basically emulates Alpine Linux in a sandbox (it has now been on the app store for multiple months). With vim installed it’s actually a surprisingly decent text editor for a touch screen device (keymaps are uber nice to work with) and you can easily work with most command line tools like git. So for simple editing I actually really really like the set-up.

However, it is just emulation so if you actually wanted to run programs then it’s ridiculously slow. So for proper data science you’d probably want an app that at least tries to run natively. The ones I mentioned before are the ones I know of which try to work with Jupyter at least (what you’d need to find out is if they support external libraries, e.g. numpy, scipy etc. because you’d need them at some point for data science).

I suppose you could also run sqlite at the very least in ish, though I’m not sure about postgres or the other big ones. You could learn bits this way (but for actually working with a big database it’d be slow if not impossible).


You do not have the Terminal app on an iPad.

You could use Colab on an iPad. If you have your Google Drive accessible on your ipad, then Colab is just another app you can add to your Drive (like Sheets, Slides, Docs, Forms, etc.)

I found this article that might be helpful:

And this one:


Also, concerning SQL, you can’t install a SQL server on your iPad, so you couldn’t use something like PgAdmin and Postgres.

I did just learn something new though. If you have a Microsoft SQL Server account there is an app in the app store called “SQL Studio” that you can download and run queries that way. It’s here.

Also, I found this Medium blog post about other apps you can download to your iPad Pro to use for coding:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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@lisalisaj + @tgrtim: So much knowledge shared here. Thank you so much, I will try these solutions out and write a follow up.
Also, just wondering, has any of you tried this iPad app called:

and Carnets:

I watched different opinions/reviews on YouTube, and was wondering if any of you had tried it out.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with a beginner who cannot afford a computer at the moment :slight_smile:


That’s excellent that you found some more apps and reviews. Nope, I have not tried any iPad apps as my iPad is older and the OS doesn’t update anymore. :grimacing:

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