Command line - I am stuck please help

hello all @tgrtim
I am doing a Commandline lesson and stuck in No-2. I don’t understand what the question is meant? What do I have to do for No-2?
No2- I type “Kendrick …” then type Ctrl+ o or Cmd+o but they are not working. What is the process, please?

type [ctrl + o] refers to pressing the keyboard combinations, rather than typing text into the nano editor.

You also need to have the string Kendrick Lamar in the file in the first line.

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DO you mean i have to type CTRL + O firstly ? then where do i have to type Kendrick Lamar? thanks

You want to type Kendrick Lamar into the nano editor, this should look like the following-

Once that is done then you to hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and whilst it is held down then press the letter o on the keyboard which is a command to write out (save) the file.

You do not write Ctrl or o within the buffer at all. It’s the keyboard keys you need to press.

The rest of the instructions work the same way. They are keys you need to press.

I am sorry i don’t know how to add " Kendrick Lamar" at the beginning. I think i don’t get the question also. Did they want me to edit the file from artists to Kendrick Lamar ? thanks

You want to open the hiphop.txt file with the nano text editor which can be done with nano artist/hiphop.txt (your original screenshot shows you have done just that).

Within the editor you want to to type out- Kendrick Lamar. Nano is just a text editor, all you’re doing is writing that into the open file. Once it is written out (like my previous screenshot displayed) then you can save and exit the nano editor as per the previous instructions.

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I type as you advised but it didn’t go through yet, where am i wrong ?

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I think it might be worth you looking for some further guidance on the nano editor since that seems to be tripping you up. Ctrl + o is a keypress, you do not want to type out those characters. As mentioned earlier-

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Maybe try this video for help:

I highly recommend this playlist for command-line study (unrelated to the first linked video): Linux Command Line (01) What Is The Linux Command Line - YouTube


woo I got it now, I looked back my previous lessons and passed through , thank you ( finally ! )


Thank you, i watched the video and looked back the previous lesson so it passed now.

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I do encourage you to bookmark theFrugalComputerGuy youtube channel for linux and vim magic because those videos are incredibly useful. I still go back if I need very specific vim concepts.

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Thank you very much, I did Bookmark now, it looks very useful, I have watched one lesson but there are many more which I will watch later and in future, it will be very useful definitely. I don’t understand the too much Command line which is very useful. Good advice:)

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