Command line how to use

Excuse me. On the Command prompt i cannot do pwd or all the command lines i have learnt in here. Can you show me how to practice in the real command line?

What command line? Because the term really refers to anything asking for input in a text interface

The course is about bash and a few tools usually found in the same environments

Non-windows servers tend to run without graphical interfaces (no point spending resources on that for a machine that’s only used from remote locations). The way that you use those machines is generally by typing commands into bash. Text interfaces are far easier to automate and use remotely. Some also prefer to use them because it’s easier to express what you want to do by typing it than to pray there’s a button for it.

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Do you run a windows computer and attempt to run the commands there?

That won’t work, the courses teaches Bash. Which is not part of windows.

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