Command Line Git Bash Problem

While I am trying to apply my learning from this lesson…

about command line
I am getting access denied message
and can’t creat/ make new directory via command line
mkdir media touch Test etc.
But why? Please help me to solve this situation. Thanks in advance.

What is the exact message?
What directory are you attempting to make these modifications in (could it be something write protected?), have you tried altering things under files definitely owned by you as a user, e.g. “C:\Users*username*\Documents”.
You could also check the linux style permissions with something like ls -la (list format, show all) to make sure you are the owner of the directory and you have edit permissions set under whatever linux emulation git bash uses. If you’re unfamiliar with these permissions spend the time to understand them (have a web search for some guidance, e.g. as they’re important when using something like git bash.


Thank you very much for your kind information and help.