Command Line - Enviorment - STEP 5/11 ,2ND TASK


Im at the point when I have to use the export USER="Jane Doe"

I then save it by pressing CTRL+O, then I press enter, then I press CTRL+X then I type in clear but the step doesn't get completed, what am I doing wrong?


First try using the "I want to reset" choice under the Get Help button.

If that doesn't work, please post a screenshot or two so we can see what you are seeing.


Thanks for the reply. I have tried reseting the exercise multiple times but nothing changed. I will post screenshots tomorrow.


Well the problem solved it self.

I didnt do anything wrong it was just bugged, even tho I it said I could write under the aliases that I made in the previous exercise apparently it didnt work untill i deleted everything and used the export.... command


I have the exact same problem


Same advice to you then ... :slight_smile: