Command Line Course Flaws


I have recently begun to learn the Command Line. However, the course does not work for me. It isn’t something with the computer; it simply states that some files or directories DO NOT EXIST. This often happens when I close the tab and get back into Codecademy.

Also, when going through lessons, the code DOES NOT change. How am I able to advance? Before I even actually do anything and view the files, Codecademy thinks I completed everything. This is slowing me down and stopping me from learning. I can’t see what the commands are doing.

If you make one mistake, it can lead to many others. Also, if you write a lot of code and bash returns things, it fills up the terminal emulator and blocks up the code, making it hard to see. If I open a new file, another bash, it starts replying that the files don’t exist.

If you have any comments on this, or can help, please comment below!

I have noticed this as well but there are a few commands to help you for example

PWD will tell you where you are physically


CD ~ will take you back to the root (on your computer)

Heads up that when you take the GIT lessons you may encounter this as well there are a few simple commands that will help you there as well, the more you can practice the commands the easier it gets to know where you are and where you were before and where you should go from there

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Having the same issues, started to think it was just me being a newb so I went back over it a few times, same errors. Hopefully someone can assist.

Much appreciated!

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