Command line change directory questions


Hello Oduffy,

Here is the problem I’m having with the Command Line. Here is the direct URL:

It is the first instruction on the page 6/10. It tells you to type the following: cd …/…/comedy. When I type this,

Navigate to the comedy/ directory.

cd …/…/comedy

it doesn’t put me back at the comedy working directory. The only way to get to the working directory from there is to type “cd comedy” So you can’t move forward to the next instruction. I restarted from the beginning four times and I get stuck in the exact spot. I use IE 11, I also used Chrome, and still it’s the same problem. I do this from home, not school. I do the CodeAcademy in the evening after 5:00 pm. I would like to sign up for Pro, but if I can’t get through this, I won’t be able to do the projects.


Help connecting to Codecademy

Use two dots to go up one directory level. The following goes up two levels.