Command line but Im on Windows

This course is for unix-based systems such as Linux and Mac OS X.

Im following the web development course. Could really do with some advice on what to do here. There is no mention in the course what to do if you are on windows.

Do i just skip this?

Exactly what do I need to study/find somewhere else to replace this part of the course?

Im a complete beginner so if someone could explain in laymans terms. Like what do I need to learn before I can move on to the git part of the course which is next?

Should I learn the windows version? If so what system exactly?
Is this unix-based course any use to me now or should I just come back to it in the future? I understand I will be important to learn eventually.
Im hoping to set up my own website after this course.

Any help to point me back in the right direction would be appreciated would be appreciated.

I assume the lessons are based on bash? Bash is still a good shout if for no other reason that’s it’s so popular and therefore has more guidance and better libraries and such available. There’s a few online guides to enable a built-in bash shell on windows-10 which is relatively straightforward. I think that should be enough for most of the lessons.

I’ve never been a big fan of cmd and had little to no use of powershell so perhaps someone can advocate for them but I don’t think you’ll regret learning bash commands.

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I use git bash on my pc. You can download it here: I guess it’s important to learn it since git is essential to a developer. If you use VS code you can also run the integrated terminal.

I’m also doing the web dev path. I’m currently on chapter 5. JavaScript: Arrays, Loops, and Objects. It would be nice to help each other out :slightly_smiling_face:

The emulated terminal in the lessons and projects is simulating bash.

Windows has it’s own command shell (cmd), which has some commands in common with Windows.

For example cd .. will take you to the parent directory on either cmd or bash; mkdir works on both, as does pwd. touch, however, does not exist in Windows by default.

To the best of my knowledge (and I’m open to correction, if wrong) the command line lesson in the web dev path can be done without having to install bash on Windows. A fair amount of what it will teach you can be applied to the Windows CLI (cmd), though some individual commands won’t work (as per my touch example).

I wouldn’t recommend installing Git Bash just for the sake of that lesson, though. (Or at all, really… Git is perfectly usable from the Windows CLI, and trying to wrangle both Git - which you may be unfamiliar with - alongside bash - which you’re unfamiliar with - seems like a recipe for confusion.)

Thanks for all the responses and advice. The course ends up using git bash. It just doesn’t let you know that until a few lessons in. So it turns out I can just follow along with the course without issue/decisions.

Im also on chapter 5. Just jumped ahead to take cmd line and git sections to change it up. Ill return to 5 shortly and be back to following in order. Message anytime to chat the course :slightly_smiling_face: