Command Line Bug?


I dont get the check in the box. I need help .


you need to run the exact command, so cd ../../2014/dec from the right directory, your cd command doesn’t include traveling up two directories


I’ve moved up and down the file directory and I still can’t move on. If I can’t move past this it will be the second time I’ve quit using code academy because it gets hung up on something trivial.


hey! you have to literally type cd ../../2014/dec to move on. the entire string, slashes included. Hope this helps!


I was having this issue, I hadn’t been putting a space after the cd. That may have been the issue here too


mine is doing the same thing and I have entered it in both ways with the space and without the space I have also done it the step by step way where you do cd … then cd … then cd 2014 then cd dec and it still did not work


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