Command line and windows 11

I want to do this codecademy course but there’s written:

This course is for unix-based systems such as Linux and Mac OS X. You can also download programs on Windows that will allow you to use the same commands.

I have windows 11. What exactely should I download to be able to do this course?

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You don’t need to download anything; you do the course in the LE.

If you want to practice commands and navigating your file system, etc., you can access the command prompt a number of ways. I think the easiest (if you don’t have a shortcut on your desktop is, Window Key + R. Then type cmd.exe which will bring up the command prompt.
I think if you just google ‘how to run unix commands on a windows machine’ you’ll find a bunch of options of .cmd files to download so you can run UNIX shell scripts and commands. But, I think that this way might be useful.(?)

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Hey thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Opening the command prompt worked like you described it. Installing the Linux Terminal as in the tutorial did not work yet cause the command prompt gave me an error message like “The requested operation requires elevation”.

When I go to “settings>accounts”, then under my name it’s written “administrator”.

Any idea what to do?

I am not 100%, but I think you have to change the permissions. Right click on Properties and edit.

See this as it might help. Or, this.

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Hey Lisa,
Thanks for your tips!

Meanwhile I solved this problem and with the help of this tutorial I think I managed to almost install the terminal.

However, the tutorial abruptly ended before finally installing it and I don’t know how to finish it.

What happened?
After installing Ubuntu, I should open the command line again and look for distributions which could be installed.

The command line gave me a list with these distributions.

Furthermore I’ve got a command how to install them (as you maybe can see). However it seems to me, I can only install one distribution at a time with this command. But there are eight distributions.

Now I don’t know: Should I carry out this command eight times from every single distribution?

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I honestly have no clue how to resolve this.
Perhaps someone else can chime in?

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That notation <Distribution> would suggest you replace that text with the item you want to run. First things first you’d want to install at least one of those options, the “list online” just gives you some potential options.

If you’ve only installed one, running the default is as just typing wsl. If you have multiple wsl -d <distro> would let you choose the one you wanted (<distro> replaced with actual name).

If you can get it set up then you’re grand, wsl is a very powerful tool. Depending on the distro you might need to install one or two things to follow the lessons exactly, it’s unlikely but keep it mind. If you really can’t get it going gitbash is a bash emulator that would also have the majority of the commands the lessons use (various GNU tools). It’s not quite as powerful as wsl but it’s a decent tool nonetheless.

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