Combining languages together in codes?

hey every one was just wondering how to combine my html code with my php and can i do it with another languages as python js whatever id yes tell me how i will appreciate it if i got a quick reply

Not to be snide, or anything, but have you thought about searching on Google (or your favorite search engine) for these answers?

With the right server configuration we can write templates in serveral languages, and embed server-side code in our document components, or the document itself. PHP is the most coimmon in the blogosphere thanks to WordPress, et al.

okay thanks i will search about it and thanks for the advice as i intend to change my windows to a ubuntu lunix because i like ubuntu more

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I don’t know Linux but there are many here who know it well. Get yourself immersed and when you are up to speed, check back for advice on setting up a local environment.

lunix is good check it out

here check this out this is ubunt a great operating system for every body its for networking and other stuff look lunix is from the best believe me but you have to know some commands its all about open source