Colspan across 2 columns - Learning HTML

I’m confused about the request here when there are none of the same values in the columns.

The question puzzles me. Please help!! :pray:t4:

Did you check the hint? Adding a colspan=“2” to any of the TD’s will make the table go awry. The hint suggests we undo that.

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I’ll take another look. Colspan 2 didn’t seem to make any sense inserted in there at all. I didn’t see one but I’ll look again.

They want you to insert it and see for yourself how it doesn’t make any sense… Applied that way. Read between the lines…

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There’s no colspan in there at all. I tried adding then deleted and I still got wrong answer. Aargh

Add, but don’t delete.

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Yes I did that and it didn’t make sense, then I erased the code and can still not progress.

It’s not supposed to make sense, that is the idea. It should still pass, though.


The author wanted you to see this.

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Yes that’s what I saw. Then it said remove the code which I did and I was unable to progress to the next exercise. I thought I made that clear with the previous statement.

Actually no that’s not what I saw. I still cNt work out how to get that across from looking at the first example without seeing it carried across. I’ll keep trying. Thanks for your help

I’ve just seen the right way to do it and that’s what I inserted multiple times so there must be a bug in the system

Ah ok. I left the original second bracket in. Lightbulb!

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hey I need help on my website codebit.

it is HTML. and building this is getting very hard.

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