Color scheme request


I'm in love with the editor theme used by this site, is there anybody out there familiar enough with creating text editor themes that could set one up to be used in sublime text 2? I tried searching through the page source to find a theme name but I couldn't find anything. I've tried tomorrow theme as well as a few others suggested but the posts are all old and outdated.

Any suggestions?




i answered a similar question long ago, but i could find it with google, here is a link, you can download the color scheme for sublime text 2


Thanks for the reply. I had actually already read your post in my initial search. It's actually the theme I'm using currently but there are some pretty noticeable differences especially the look of CSS which lead me to believe codecademy has updated their color scheme since that post was made. Not really sure.

Obviously I'm in no position to complain as I have absolutely zero to contribute towards a result, I just wanted to know if there was a theme out there that hits it right on the nose.

Thanks again for the response!


different colors for css? Don't forget, ACE (which codecademy) is different text-editor (ACE is actually a IDE) then your sublime text, but sublime can be customized a lot

Or do you experience a different difference?


The difference is color yes. For instance in the tomorrow theme, tags and attributes are shown as the same color whereas the editor environment on codecademy shows tags as red and attributes as green.

Not a huge deal, I just prefer the separation. I'm a beginner so little things like that still help me.


I will have to check later today, but can't you change it?


Yea. I just found this awesome web application that allows you to create/manipulate colors as well as other settings of your .tmtheme file. I know you can directly manipulate the code to get these results but I'm not at that level yet so I have to use an interface like this one, and I still don't fully understand it. If anybody who knows what they are doing wants to take a wack at it be my guest. Link is here.


That is nice, you think you manage with this webapp? Otherwise i will have a look