Color scheme for Visual Studio

Hello! I’m pretty new to this coding deal. I would like my Visual Studio editor to have the same color scheme as Codecadmey as I’ve gotten really used to how they color code things. Is there a way to set that up? I found the many options in Visual Studio, but not a way to customize the color scheme to match personal preference. Or is this a weird thing to do? Should I just get used to the regular dark mode on VS? I’m sure I’ll catch on soon as I stop thinking about it.

PS> I totally got stuck in zen mode playing around with the view settings. I thought I’d never escape.

Having a theme you enjoy makes your coding experience better, and makes you feel better. There are ways to change color schemes by visiting the setting in VS Code. I believe custom color schemes let you edit their config file which lets you edit the colors and everything.


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I haven’t used that theme, so I don’t know if it helps. Also, the theme mentioned in that thread was last updated in 2019.


The CSS on it looked the same, but unfortunately the HTML wasn’t very close. I looked at the link on how to change different settings myself but it was just a bit over my head. But thanks to these links I found another theme that works well for me, so it was helpful anyway and I’m coding away. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


@deanjdev i think that’s right :slightly_smiling_face: