COLOR FOR UI Semantic Colors

I can not get past step 1.

In the styles.css file, find the selectors .input-error and change the border-color property value from #F2F3F5 to #FC472E .

I did change the css
.input-error {

border-color: #fc472e;


I get this error.

expected .input-error to have its border-color style equal to #FC472E but got #4F160E #4F160E #4F160E #4F160E

I dont know what to do to get past this part

Hello @darylchamberlain!! Welcome to the forums!!

I can’t see anything wrong with your code based on what you posted.
The system is sometimes slightly picky, so you could try capitalizing your letters, even though it has no effect on the outcome.

It could be a bug. You could find out by clicking the give solution button after getting it wrong twice.