Color-changing personal portfolio (full-stack engineer). Feedback welcome!

Hello! :wave:

I hope that everybody is doing while despite COVID-16.

I recently finished my portfolio per the requirements of the Full-stack engineer career path “Personal portfolio” project.

I think that it took me faaaaar too long (like 6-8 days) to finish it.

Granted, I did re-do it a couple of times.

I also noticed that when I uploaded my code to “GitHub Pages” (first time doing so), every time a visitor refreshed my page - the “time-spent-coding” clock and the “background-color-changing” JavaScript function would re-set and start over. Thus, I had to re-do the whole JavaScript code to prevent that.

My current version is passable, but I researched that Window.localStorage would be a great fix for my issues, but I was not able to get my head around how to incorporate it in my code. So, I found a work-around. For now…

In short, I think that the project shouldn’t be hard for anyone, assuming that you have been following the career path.
What could make it challenging is your scope and the quality of visual design you wish to live up to.

I would love to hear people’s feedback as to what they think about the finished portfolio based on the fact that it took me 6-8 days to finish.

You can find the live site here and the source code here.

Thank you so much in advance! :blush:

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Looks good! Love the theme of the site. One thing I would say is that in the ‘contact me’ section I didn’t even notice the github icon at first - so maybe change the colour of that so that it contrasts against the background. Don’t worry about the timeframe - my portfolio also took me about a week to complete but I found that 80% of that time was spent on design decisions and the visual appearance of the site (I just couldn’t work out how I wanted it to look)

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Thanks, for taking the time to check out my website.

You are right the GitHub social icon was too dark. I changed it with the latest commit v1.0.2 by making the icon white and by changing the hover effect.

Thanks for the suggestion! :blush:

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