Colmar Academy Project

Hello everyone,
This is my first time posting. I am completely and utterly new to the coding world, so this project took me a few days. I tried to make it responsive, and while it seems to be responsive when I manually resize the screen, it still shows up kind of like a desktop when on my cellphone. It looks good when my cell is in landscape, but is probably too small when in portrait for a great user experience. When you manually resize the screen, I added media queries to place some of the right side content underneath. I have read that CSS Grid is pretty great for creating responsive websites, so I will do that module fairly soon (it is in the CSS skill path, but not the Build a Website one). The website CSS-Tricks was very useful for me in this process, for “cheat sheets”
I chose to add animation to the buttons, so that the article and video links on the right side are light gray upon hovering. Additionally, I made the links kind of a burnt orange color, as I think that complements light gray nicely.
The mp4 that was provided was broken for some reason, so I just added another mp4 that worked.
I enjoyed putting the new skills I learned to work, though I am sure my code could be more efficient. My next goal is to continue on with the Web Development career path. I welcome any feedback. Thanks!