Colmar Academy Project Feedback & Question

Hey there!

I’ve been working on HTML and CSS for awhile. I just recently finished this project would love some feedback.

I also had a question regarding the sizing of the website. When I go to resize the browser, right before I get to the “mobile” version of the site, the text in the first banner looks like this right before it kicks over.

Here is the live site: Colmar Academy

Here is the repo: Repo

Here for thoughts and questions. Thanks!


Looks good.
To get around that overflow issue when I did the project, I put another div container inside the right side and set it to flex with wrapping. This way as it gets compressed, it wraps until it switches to mobile.

I do like the hover over effects - very nice.

One potential UI issue would be in the Orientation Date/ Campus sections where you highlight on hover. I would expect being able to click on the whole highlighted area not just the read more text to goto the next section. If that wasn’t your intent, I would suggest just highlighting on hover over the read more area as a better option.

Stylistically, I’m not sure if putting the radius on the cards matches with the non-radius images on the site. It just feels off to me for some reason, maybe the radius setting is too large?

Thanks John! I appreciate the feedback!

I see your point about the the Orientation date/hover situation. I’ll address that.

It didn’t strike me that weird about the radius but the longer I stare at it I see your point.

Thank you for your notes!