Colmar Academy - first project posted

Wow, not easy, many things to consider, I tried to use everything with % and proportions. I kept all color and main design and tried to have the responsiveness working.

Colmar Academy

Hi there,

You did a good job! One thing I did notice is that the “Read More” links are rather difficult to read on mobile view. Also, I don’t think it would hurt to come back in the future and add a little interactivity to the site. Still, great job nevertheless!

Happy coding!

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Hey thank you so much,

I just updated a thicker font for that ReadMore on mobile.
When you say more interactivity what exactly do you mean?
thank you again for caring.



What do I mean by interactivity?

Think of what interactivity means–the ability of a computer to respond to a user’s input. So, when you hover your mouse over a link, the link changes in some shape or form. Interactivity for this website could be the menu words changing color when hovered over, or the “Start Here” button could transform. I’ve also seen people add interactivity to the “Start learning” section, which I like because those boxes would more than likely–on a live website–take you to a different page with information on that course.

your website looks good would you mind posting your html and css code?