Colmar Academy - First project feedback appreciated


I’ve just finished the Colmar Academy Project from the “Build a Website with HTML, CSS, and Github Pages” course. It’s my first live website and took about a week to complete. I would really appreciate some feedback…

Colmar Academy Site: Colmar Academy
Git repo: GitHub - nataliejade9/colmar

My brief explanation
I initially started with the dark green colour as it seems to be “in” at the moment. Then I went with a colour scheme of secondary colours (green, orange and purple) so that the colours complimented each other. Although the purple appears more as a lavender grey to give the website a professional feel.

I used Flexbox to create the responsive layout. This is the area I struggled with the most and would like to keep practising. I used some hover-over effects to make the website more interactive.

Thanks in advance,


Nice work.


  • div.container-left.article in div.main-banner skips heading levels. Usage note.
  • The button.start in div.banner and the h2 in div.thesis-title do not meet the contrast requirements. WebAIM Contrast Checker. Combining the existing colors should be enough.

In Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse can be used to detect issues in the web page. My version of the project has a very similar score, and it skips headings too. We might be able to fix that as we learn more.

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Thank you for the feedback, it’s really useful as I didn’t know there were contrast requirements. Yeah I agree, hopefully it will be easier to fix as we learn.

Happy coding :grinning:

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Nice job! Yours is my favorite out of the ones I’ve seen. It looks very clean and transitions from desktop to mobile smoothly without any oddities. Basically it looks and feels like a professional website.

The font-size you use in the “event-tab” in the “main-banner” section is a little on the small side, though

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Thank you, that’s very kind!
Yes, I know what you mean about the font. I got to the point where I couldn’t tell if it being smaller was better or worse :joy: so your feedback really helps.

Natalie, your website is stunning! I like how you really made it your own. It’s very clean and looks very professional.

My favorite part of your site is how the courses transform when the user hovers on it. Great job!

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I keep coming back to look at this one, it’s great!

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hi natalie,

i love your project!
the color scheme is very pleasing to my eyes.
it’s earthy, yet energetic.
everything seems to match the wiring frame as well.
a great guidance piece!


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