Colmar Academy - Final Project

Hi everyone! I have finally completed the Build a Website course. Here is my final project, Colmar Academy. I was focused on functionality over fashion, but if I ever decide to edit this project I think I will add animations and a better color scheme. The one issue I had that I was unable to solve to my liking is the icon spacing in mobile. Any advice on how to fix this is welcome, as well as any critiques/comments in general.

GitHub Pages: Colmar Academy

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Hello @emme-code ,

Nicely done, looks like you did a really good job, as you said it would be nice to have some animations on your website. Regarding your issue if you don’t mind you can share your code so that we can try to help you to fix this.
Some of your content might also need some padding and also it would be nice to center your links and logo in your nav.

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Hi Chris!

Thanks so much. I actually figured out my header issue. It’s because I didn’t set my header to 100% width in my mobile query.
Here’s my repo: GitHub - emme-code/colmar_academy: Capstone for Codecademy Web Design

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Great. Happy coding !

Hi emme,
I noticed your images in the second section get distorted when the browser window width shrinks beyond a certain point. I also don’t notice anything cllickable.