Colmar Academy Capstone Project

Hi everyone! I completed the Colmar Academy webpage, the capstone project for the “Build a Website with HTML, CSS, and Github Pages” skill path. I really enjoyed this course and building this site with all of the skills I learned. I would appreciate some feedback!

Colmar Academy Site: Colmar Academy
GitHub Repo: Colmar Academy Repo

My experience with the course:
This project strengthened my confidence with basic web development, especially with CSS. At first, I felt overwhelmed while learning CSS and experieicned a bit of imposter syndrome. I went through some of the lessons several times, and redid some of the projects, especially the off-platform ones, just so I could practice and get comfortable with web development.

I especially enjoyed learning about Git and GitHub. I have run into GitHub several times, but I had no idea how it was actually used. It was a thrill for me to make changes to my HTML and CSS files, then add it to my git repo!

What’s Next For Me?
I’d like to start the front-end career path here on Codecademy, but before that, I think I am going to take a few more of the CSS courses and the GitHub skill path as well to continue to bolster my skills and knowledgebase.

If you got this far in my post, thanks for sticking around! Again, I welcome all feedback on my capstone project. Also, feel free to follow me on GitHub: my GitHub profile.


Hi there!

Your project looks great, and I love the color choices you made! The only suggestion I have is for the video. For accessibility reasons, I recommend removing autoplay and giving the video controls so the user can play or pause the video themselves.

Happy coding!

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Hey @kirativewd, thank you for the feedback! I hadn’t thought about accessibility when adding the autoplay feature, especially without the video controls.

I went ahead and added the controls and removed the autoplay. Thanks again for the feedback!