Colmar Academy Capstone Project

Hello everyone,

Here is my take on the capstone project for the ‘Learn to Build a Website’ skill path.

This is the first skill path I have completed on Codecademy and I would be very interested in any feedback regarding the design and my code. In my stylesheet, I tried implementing BEM to practice making the code more organized and readable, although there were a few instances where I chose a OOCSS approach. I would love to hear your thoughts on writing clear, readable code!

Colmar Academy Website
Github Repo

Many thanks and happy learning! :slight_smile:

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Hello Orian

The Colmar sites looks ok…

On clear readable code; your code is not adhering to Semantic HTML rules.

I don’t know if the ‘Learn to Build a Website’ skill path is teaching that, but without Semantic HTML Tags the div’s are a bit overwhelming!

You also could use the prettier extension in VSCode, with that you could make it a bit more readable?

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Hi there!

Thanks for having a look at the site and for the helpful links. I guess there isn’t an emphasis on semantic HTML in this specific skill path, so it is great to read and learn about it outside of the course. I will dive into it right now.


The Learn HTML course has a complete section on Semantic HTML; and there is a nice Cheatsheet on Codecademy too.

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