College tales of woe or otherwise Books, tuition

This is the place to exchange solutions to the college dilemma. This is for issues and sources of information. My goal is sources of books, the average book price is $150.00 I consider this highway robbery. What book stores do you utilize? Amazon, Book renter, Abe, Cengage, bleh overpriced. What are the real gems that you have personally used? Post them here. Also if you as a student need a book perhaps someone can post. Help those that are trying to better themselves but pay their own bills. Learning is learning.

You are located in what general vicinity? Not everyone’s institution has the required books. I would not have created this thread had the answer been so cut and dry. What college did you attend if I may inquire?Thank you for your post

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I attend CTC via a satellite campus most of the classes are composed of 8 students. Your suggestion of becoming chummy is valid, I utilize this as well. I have formed several mutually beneficial relationships through this method. Sleaze is not necessary. I help by keeping the fellow student updated with assignments when they miss class or offer methods of study such as PowerPoint. I am pursuing my Computer Systems Analysis degree some of the classes are only offered online. This poses a large problem with sharing a book.

I am on CodeAcademy of my own volition. I am here to help and be helped. Drive alone is not sufficient and things don’t come easy, that is why sites like CodeAcademy, KhanAcademy and the like exist. Also the reason I posted here is because CodeAcademie’s users are some of the most helpful and courteous people I have met as a general rule.

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Hello if any viewers of this topic are currently taking ITSY 1342 through CTC or if you know someone who is. Here is my current dilemma: My book finally arrived but it is for 1442. Information appears to be the same however some chapters appear to be split up or combined. This leaves me with inaccurate assignments. Please contact me with accurate list.

I’m not in college but this topic is kinda lonely lolz :worried:

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Have you attempted College? Yes it is a lonely topic thank you for your support :smile:

No, not yet. I’m Only a freshman in high school but I’m planning on going to Julliard in New York lolz :grin: :blush:

I’ve got many HUGE textbooks (600-1200 Pages) on the Amazon bookstore for around $5 each.

That’s definitely where I would check first! :slightly_smiling:

I still monitor this thread sorry for the late response. I am still in college so I have been very busy. Anyway your profile states that you are 13, how do you have college books for sale on Amazon? The reason I posted was because these classes require very specific books. An update though for those that have perused this thread. I purchased the book by Mark Ciampa (may he rot) which is a CTC specific book. I had to do so because the instructor got the assignments from the book. Yes, instructors normally get the assignments from the book I am well aware. But what is with this complete unwillingness to help a student out. Not even a bare bones description of the assignments, sorry you are out of luck you should withdraw. My other professor when I requested more time on an assignment went above and beyond to help me out. Do to my cheaper and therefore outdated copy I had to spend another $60 to rent the correct edition. The “correct” edition merely has a different layout of the SAME material. This ridiculous method of recycling the same material is how they get away with charging full price ($180 new) after 8 weeks.

Sorry, I said that a little unclearly.

I bought (that sounds better, not selling them) many textbooks for under $5.

I’m sure you shouldn’t be forced ( ? ) to buy a new edition, the old ones are half the price most the time.

If there’s some forum for your college, you could ask others where they buy their books.