Cohort invitation don't work :'(

Hello everyone !

I was suppose to receive a cohort invitation for the full-stack engineer pro path (I am a pro member), but when I clic on the link provided, the page doesn’t exists :’(
Am I alone in this case ? Has someone a solution ? This cohort thing seemed so fun and interesting !


Hi there, welcome back to the forums!

Sorry to hear that the link to your Full Stack cohort didn’t work! I’ll mention this to Codecademy and see if it can be looked into for you. :slight_smile:

Also, if you could post a screenshot of the error you’re getting when you click the link so we can see where it’s coming from we might be able to fix this a bit quicker. :slight_smile: Thanks.


Hello ! Thank you so much for your answer :slight_smile: I feel very stupid right now, 'cause I clicked again on the link to make the screenshot and now it’s working ^^"
I think that it has certainly didn’t worked this morning because I was not logged in in the forum ?
Anywhay, sorry for taking your time :frowning: and thank you very much again :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No problem at all, glad to hear it’s now working! :slight_smile: If you weren’t logged in to the forums, then that might’ve been why it didn’t work.


Not working for me even though I’m logged in to the forums. Getting the message “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private. Please head to our categories page to find the discussions you seek: Codecademy Forums”.


Hi, welcome to the community.

I can see that you’ve only recently joined us here on the forums (about 10 minutes ago at the time of typing), so it’s possible that the link isn’t working for you because the forum and the main Codecademy site haven’t synced up for you yet.

If you could try again in a little while - say 20-30 minutes - after logging out and back in, hopefully it’ll work for you. :slight_smile: If not, let us know. :slight_smile:

Yikes, I am sorry. Would you be able to take a screenshot including the address bar of your browser and paste it here, also?


Well. Now it’s working, for some reason. Needed some time maybe. Thanks!


I’m signed into the forum and getting the same error - clicking on this link:

I’m getting sent to this:

Interesting… I wonder why this happened. Let’s see if we can get you some help


Hey @cssjumper68941, you should have full access to your cohort now, I just checked in on your account.

And, welcome to the community! :tada:


Great thanks, that’s worked now!

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i also tried to access the cohort. I am a pro member as well. I even went as far as resetting my progress to see if that would allow the invitation. once I click on the cohort link it says " oops! that page doesn’t exist or is private. any suggestions?

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Hi there, welcome to the community.

Please could you log out of the forums and back in, that ought to fix the problem. :slight_smile:

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I was having the same issue as tyler-farrell. Logging out of forums and logging back in worked for me. Thanks!


Hi, welcome to the community!

Glad it fixed the problem; hopefully anyone else with the same issue will find this topic and give it a try. :slight_smile:


Well hello there all of you beautiful people :slight_smile: .

Unfortanetly I’ve got the exact same error page as mentioned by @cssjumper68941.
Even if I try to log out/ log in, it doesn’t seem to unblock my issue here.

Can you please help ? :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Hi there, welcome to the community!

Can you try the link again now please? :slight_smile:

This is working now. Great job :ok_hand:

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Yesterday, @devojche deployed the change to fix this! HOORAY!

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