Coffee Chatbot Python Indent Error

The code appears to have an indent error but I can’t seem to find it. Can anyone help? I would really appreciate it!

# Define your functions
def coffee_bot():
  print("welcome to the cafe")
  def get_size():
    res = input("What size drink can I get for you? \n[a] Small \n[b] Medium \n[c] Large \n")
  def print_message():
     print("I am sorry, I didn't understand your selection. Please enter the corresponding letter for your response.") 

    if res=='a':
      return "Small"
    elif res =="b":
      return "Medium"
    elif res == "c":
      return "Large"
      return get_size()

  size = get_size()

# Call 

Hi it’s usually useful in these things to also point out the line that the compiler complains about the error.

In this case it’s straightforward (because it’s so little code. Basically the code after your def print_message() is ambiguous. It seems like there’s one too many spaces on the line print("I am sorry")

Hope this helps :slight_smile: