Coding'Scool is looking for anyone to join!

I feel like there should be a “Type: 1: searching for” and a “Type 2: Offering” threads pinned because that’s why I’m here and those are the 2 posts you describe in your “About the Commercial and Collaborative Work category” post. Would help with organization… as I’m not sure where to post my recruiting information for my collaboration group. I’d expect, after reading your Do’s and Don’ts, a place to directly follow your advice… but all I see is “14/19 Test Run”, “#5 Seriously unhappy with these function lessons”… Do I just throw my recruiting thread into the masses of other posts about complaints and troubleshooting? I’m suggesting 2 pinned posts, one for recruiting help and one for offering help.
Thanks! :smiley:

Hello World
Coding’Scool is looking for anyone to join! Beginners and experts combined with live chat(skype), looking to use Codecademy as our go-to source of learning and progression. Also looking for any tips on where to recruit for this collaboration group and for the codecademy website.
Below is the link to the group chat; you will have to use skype and anyone is welcome:

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In-person getherings "nerd herd"s in Berkeley Ca. from 10a-1p at the library (1901 Russel St.)

If you’ve never coded, or breath it. We Want You! Bring your books, laptops to study anything. many focus on Python, HTML5, JavaScript, and data science.

Additional info can be found at

Hmmm, “nerd herd”. What an interesting name.

To all reading this: Join the Skype group if you want to be cool :wink: (Cos I’m in it :stuck_out_tongue: )