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Hey all. I’ve been learning coding here for a while and I’m thinking that I’m ready to go out on my own and start trying to code my own stuff, but I want to do it with the kind of software that I’m used to using here on the site. Specifically, I want to be able to code and see the result in real time, like what happens when I do the exercises. What kind of software do I need to do this from my desktop? Can I get any recommendations on what software is best?

Im still learning aswell i guess we all are, but i use visual code studio and to run php i use xammp :slight_smile:

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I’ve downloaded Visual Code Studio but I cannot figure out how to view my results like the OP asked. Am I missing something here?

you need to see if VScode has a plugin which can refresh the page for you

or do you want a live preview within VScode? These things are editor dependent, you need to check if such a thing exist for the editor/IDE you use

Thank you for your response. I was looking for an editor with a live preview, it sounded like this app offered that but perhaps not. Do you have a recommendation one and editor with this feature?

what app? VScode?

coming from codecademy, i understand why you want this feature, yet i would advise against it. I would use your browser (firefox, chrome, something else) and learn to use debug tools browsers offer.

if anything, look for something that monitors your files and refreshes the browser for you, if you really want that

Hi, I think what you are looking for is CodePen. Maybe there are other options out there, but give it a try and let us know how that works for you. Happy coding!

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There’s a section in the computer science path that shows you how to do it in the terminal. It was very insightful. I would also like to know what actual developers prefer. Do you use an IDE or just a terminal?

I’m doing all this on Ubuntu so I’m limited to what I can get on linux. I’ve been having difficulty getting them to work though. I like pycharm because it’s very simple and it can access github. However, I can’t seem to get it to import modules. So I find myself writing the code in pycharm, then running it in the terminal. I’m wondering if I should just go ahead and switch over to the terminal and use vim or something. There really doesn’t seem to be much difference other than the IDE looks better and it brings up a message if I have typos in the code. What more can it do that I can’t do with a few commands in python3, vim and pipenv?

do what in terminal? Maybe include a link to the section you talk about as well, makes it a lot easier for us to understand

you use them, but what do you mean by it? you have been struggling to get IDE’s to work?

i have been working with phpstorm of late (made by the same company that made pycharm), phpstorm offers a lot, so surely the same must apply to pycharm, it just takes sometime how to use the IDE effectively to boost your productivity.

I think among programmers, this is a never ending discussion.

There’s a section in the Computer Science path called Development Skills that teaches you how to use python in the terminal. It teaches you how to set it up, how to get bash shell, and how to send everything to github. I think it might only be available for Pro members because it has “Pro” written above the section. Here’s a link:
Development Skills

you use them, but what do you mean by it? you have been struggling to get IDE’s to work?

Yeah, I have been struggling to get the IDEs to work. I’m still very new to the linux environment and I’m not very knowledgeable about them. For example, netbeans doesn’t even work if you use Ubuntu’s software repository to get it. I already mentioned my difficulty with Pycharm. I downloaded Eclipse, but haven’t tried it yet. I’ll just play around with them when I have time and see which ones I like and can figure out.

I kinda want to learn more about vim and bash though so I bought a few books on them. I might just go that route instead of using an IDE.

are you sure your link is accurate? I think i found it: link

With the issues you are facing, its very difficult to say what causes the problems in the IDE’s. netbeans and eclipse both support linux fine.

Vim has a very steep learning curve, and can take quite a bit of them to use it effective. learning the command line and bash is very useful.

I’m not concerned enough about it to try and fix it at the moment. I’m still spending a lot of time on codecademy going through the program. Every once in a while I’ll want to try something out and I’ll go play around with pycharm.

I didn’t realize vim had so much until I decided to buy a book. It’s a lot of reading.

this takes time and practice. I am sure you will manage in the end :slight_smile:

vim has multiple modes, standard vim opens in command mode (where key presses do certain actions, such as j is moving down one line and k is moving up one line)

keys can even be combined, such a 2j (two lines down), or de (Delete from current position till End of word). And so forth, it takes quite a while. And that is just scratching the service. There are dozen keys (i, I, a, A) to go into insertion mode, each working different. In insertion mode you can actually type

then there are visual mode, and block visual mode.

and so forth, i think i made my point :laughing:

there is even this terrible joke on the internet:


Hello! I was also watching Learn Python: Pipenv and now curious.
I use PyCharm to code and it has virtual environments as a feature. So do I need to install pipenv if I use PyCharm?

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No experience specifically with pycharm, but the most logic thing would be that Pycharm comes included with pipenv or that you can install pipenv from pycharm.