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I am new to coding, so far I learned HTML and CSS.
I will go on to lean JavaScript and everything that is needed for front stack development and I was wondering what would be the best coding software to use.
Is there a software that would point out mistakes like the one that is used in the codecademy practice packs?
Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

Do you mean an IDE(integrated development environment)?

You could try

it’s both free and paid subscriptions for development and collaboration. They have tutorials as well.
If you get code errors, then those will appear when you run the code. For example, I use Google Colab or Jupyter notebook for my DS python code. If I write code that has errors in it, it will be pointed out to me in the code cell and what particular line it is.

A basic google search produced this:

Thanks I will check it out.
What is the advantage of coding in a browser vs downloading a coding software?

I guess it depends on personal preference?
Me: why pay for something if there are free tools out there? :woman_shrugging:t2:

absolutely agreed, but there are coding software that are also free to download.
i downloaded something called code writer which is free, but it’s not letting me know when I make a coding mistake so when something isn’t working, I have to check the entire code.

Hm, I’m not familiar with that one.

So, what happens when you run your code? No errors or mistakes? (that’s good!)

Also, I guess I’m more willing to use something that is web browser-based rather than downloading and taking up space on my machine. (but that’s just me).

when I run my code, it just runs it and if I made a mistake somewhere then it will simply not render on my page, but the software itself will not tell me where I made the mistake.
I will try this browser one out though.

Isn’t that software just a text editor like Notepad++ or something?
It’s not going to explicitly tell you what the errors are b/c it’s not for de-bugging (I don’t think).

Check this out:

Maybe look into Visual Studio by Microsoft(?)

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