Coding Questions

Hey, this is QK4. I am totally new to coding and I have a few questions. I am writing a coding article and I have already asked some people I know that do coding these questions, but I want an expert.
So, here goes.

What are the hottest programming languages? Why?
What are the upcoming trends?
What are the most important concepts in programming to master? (Why?)
What languages are the most fun in your opinion? (why are they fun?)
What does your time schedule look like?
Where/When did you get started on coding?
Why did you want to start coding?
What projects do you most often find yourself working on?
What projects are the most fun?What is the easiest language to master? Why?
What is the hardest language to master? Why?
How do you code for AI?
How do you manage AI?
How does AI work?
How do you work with it?
How does AI effect your job?
How do you code for audio?
Why is AI becoming so popular?
What are the big reasons you need to learn to code for AI?
What is the next big step with AI and audio?
How do developers plan a software project? What are the steps in planning from scratch to blueprint to final design?
What are the most important habits/disciplines top-performing coders do or have?
What are the best opportunities in coding in the next 5 years? 10? 20?
What do you think management for coders will look like in 10 years?

Sorry, it’s kind of a lot. I’m okay if you don’t answer all of them. If you could just answer a few of them, the last eleven would be great.