Coding offline - What to use?


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Strings and Console Output

So I’m taking the classes on the website, but how can I download something I can actually wrtite the code on? I mean, something that looks like the thing where you write your code on the website, but that allows me to write out of the website.


For offline use, the simplest would be to use the program provided by, themselves.

Download and install the program and you will be set to work offline.

Once you get fully versed there may be other versions that add to the horsepower or improve the editor environment but that should wait until then. Don’t run out and get the IDE with all the bells and whistles. Get familiar with the IDLE environment and the interactive console (Python Shell).


when I try to code on the python program I downloaded, everytime I press “enter” the code interpreter reads ir, it doenst wait for me to finish the page. in the codecademy training session, I can write, press “enter” to make a new line and for the interpreteer to read my code I have to click “Run”. Am I doing something wrong? is this how it’s supposed to work? is there a program that works like the codecademy one? tahnk you for your help anyway!


you use the python IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment.), which is great for running small code samples, which gets interpreted directly as you noticed, if you want to actual write scripts you need to write .py files just like in the lesson, and then run them with the python interpreter.


ok, one last thing. I watched a youtube video about a neural network that reads handwriten numbers. the video description had this link. . I downloaded it, right-clicked on it at GitHub and clicked “open in command prompt” but it did nothing. what should I do to actually run it?
thank you for the help!


did you ensure you have the right python version:

The code is written for Python 2.6 or 2.7. Michal Daniel Dobrzanski has a repository for Python 3 here. I will not be updating the current repository for Python 3 compatibility.

always read a bit of the github information

have you installed the dependencies? See requirement.txt

no idea how to run it, maybe you should take one step at a time and don’t rush it


alright, thank you for your help!


When you open the shell (the interactive console) go to the File menu and click New File. That will open the editor where you can write all your code and save it. Then F5 to run it in the shell.


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