Coding motivation advice?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone on here had any advice for staying motivated? I’ve been on Codecademy for about a month now, and my motivation and consistency is already wavering a bit… If anyone had any thoughts or advice, that would be appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:


Always take breaks from learning something. You are more efficient studying and practicing 2-4 hours a day than 12 hours a day, especially if you are learning something new.

How I get motivated personally is by watching other people on YouTube build applications. This makes me wanna build my own apps and services and collaborate with others.


Good advice, thank you!

I think putting the theory you learned into practice and watch the outcome - even may be a little thing - is crucial to keep up motivated

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OMG Just the post I’m looking for. It’s so hard to keep going.

+Find very basic webpages that you could Copy/Mock recreate by twitching some of its code.

+Put into words what do you want to accomplish before you attempt to build a website or landing page, then build the page.

+Find ways to annotate everything that you learn in each of your lessons.

+Review your knowledge so it imprints into your long-term Memory. See/research The Pomodoro technique.

greatly appreciate your advice, Thanks

I use to help motivate me, but there is a similar application called Forest. It is basically the pomodoro technique but in an aesthetic format. I enjoy both of them because they allow you to keep track of your accumulated study time. is only a website, but it allows you to add music and view a scenic background.